Did you know we have a budget of $1,500 per home? This does not go as far as we would like when we purchase supplies such as paint, wood, paint supplies, sheet rock, and labor if we don’t have a skilled volunteer available.

The bad news:  it is not uncommon for us to be unable to help to the degree that we would like.  Repairs such as foundation work, leaky roofs, flooring, etc. are quite often out of our scope due to budgetary constraints and volunteer skill set.

The good news: you can help! Donate or provide a discount on supplies and labor if you are in the position to do so.  This doesn’t mean you can’t help if you aren’t in the paint or carpet industry!  We can also use help with lunches for our volunteers, water, drinks, free media and anything else that can help us with a project or to help spread the word of our mission.  Give us a call at (706) 569-7011 for more information!

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